About JDW

Jerusalem Design Week

The Jerusalem Design Week has been held under the management of the Hansen House Center for Design, Media and Technology since 2011. Hansen House hosts a spectrum of diverse activities throughout the year to promote the design sector in Jerusalem and in Israel. Jerusalem Design Week is the main event in Hansen House’s tapestry of annual activities and constitutes its flagship project, as the largest and most influential public design event in Israel. In 2016, the Jerusalem Design Week expanded and became an international event that takes place in several locations throughout Jerusalem, and offers a multitude of events, performances, and local and international design exhibitions. Each year, the Jerusalem Design Week focuses its attention on a central theme that examines particular situations of international relevance specific to Jerusalem and/or Israel, , with the idea that the cultural landscape unique to Israel and Jerusalem allows for this kind of living laboratory to explore urgent global issues, and with the belief that design must respond to such issues. Jerusalem Design Week is an initiative of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage Affairs and The Jerusalem Development Authority. The event is supported by The Jerusalem Foundation and managed by the Ran Wolf Company.

2019 JDW Team

General management: Chen Gazit and Ran Wolf, Ran Wolf Ltd.
Artistic director: Anat Safran
Chief curator: Tal Erez
Curatorial assistant: Noa Yarkoni
Research assistant: Talia Davidi
Production coordinator: Yael Hershkowitz
Media and marketing: Karine Shabtai, Ran Wolf Ltd.
Technical production: Benda Production Ltd.
Graphic design: Sweat Lodge Studio
Anat Gutberg, Shaked Mizrahi, Stas Tuchinsky, Guy Banaim
Local PR: Ben Horin & Alexandrovitz,
Strategy, Communication & Crisis Management
International PR: Vera Sacchetti, Inês Revés
Digital marketing: Juval Hering and Eyal Bason