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The Matchmaker

Since 2017, The Matchmaker Project has turned its gaze inwards at Jerusalem, the creative forces that reside in it today, and the slowly disappearing crafts that have defined it for generations.

This year, looking to the East, The Matchmaker Project hosts eight contemporary Palestinian designers from East Jerusalem and eight craftsmen from all over the West bank including Ramallah, Hebron, Beit Sahour, Bethany (Azria), and East Jerusalem.

Through their joint work, not only do new products emerge stemming from an encounter between traditional craft and contemporary design, but also a different type of encounter takes place – between the designers and the craftspeople. While the outcome of this process has a significant role, the extraordinary connection between people from different generations and disciplines takes center stage, generating not only unique human moments, but potentials of revitalizing old industries, while widening the range of possibilities and opportunities for young designers.

The craftsmen participating in this year’s edition join a growing online database created uniquely for The Matchmaker Project, making the sources of knowledge accessible to the entire design community, while promoting Jerusalem and its surrounding local economy.

Curators: Daniel Nahmias and arch. Tariq Nassar
Participants: Abd Al Rahamn Julani, Abeer Najjar, Al Salam Glass and Ceramic Factory, Alaa Edris, Amjad Barq, Arab Blind Association, Artezana for Embroidery & Handcrafts, Maisoon Swailem, Mohammad Mhalwes, Muhammed Abed Al Jwad, Ramzi Alnatsha, Tamimi Ceramics, Tharaa Kirresh, Yakob Natsheh, Ziad Aldabba