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Visual Etymology

The Department of Graphic Design – Visual Communication, The NB Haifa School of Design

Etymology is the study of the origin of words and language, their origins and meanings.
Words and language are the most basic means of communication.
The department of visual communication at The NB Haifa School of Design has chosen to establish a course especially for Jerusalem Design Week 2019. Every student was requested to provide a personal interpretation of the concepts “East” and “West”, and to explain, by means of a visual study, their opinion or commentary on the subject. The students were given absolute freedom to choose the path they take to express their academic, economic, geographic, personal, social, and technological stand, among others. The following stage enabled conclusions and opinions to be developed, which in turn evolved into a visual language. The students’ outcomes could be viewed as the puzzle pieces that compose a single work with various points of view. The project is viewed as an opportunity to get a cross-section of opinions belonging to the young students still learning, developing, and formulating their worldviews.

Curators: Yaron Shin (Jewboy) and Merav Shacham
In collaboration with School of Form – Poznan, Poland
Noam Venturero, Reut Gohar Katzir, Omer Attali, Noga Seeman, Yuval Kobi, Boris Vaserman, Or Bornshtein, Yael Oshman, Mika Ramon, Dganit Rodovsky, Alisa Lachman, Maya Naor, Ran Golan, Vicky Volach, Segev Vaknin, LINOY ASRAF, Michal Sheena, Adi Engel, Hadas Debby, Anna Domratchev, Shai Simchoni, Ido Sela, Dobrochna Witczak, Marja Cielecka, Danielle Ron, Emil Tybura, Maria Horowska, Yelyzaveta Piven, Natasza Kornobis, Soloduha Sophia, Eyal bustan